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Green-coffee massage lotion


Besides the natural chlorogenic acid (CGA), caffeine and theophyllin deriving from the green coffee, the other important „fat burner” substance carnitine also supports the effective slimming process. The massage lotion, developed on the basis of the HerbalSystem concept helps to mobilize the fat deposits, activates fat burning and helps to smooth the orange peel skin. After use, you can feel pleasant warm on your skin for a short period of time which indicates the lasting effect. The massage lotion unites the benefits of the oil and the cream, it enables perfect massage grips. The skin is not oily or sticky, you can wash it off if whished so. Thanks to its Hypoallergenic composition it pampers the skin of the patient and the hands of the masseur at the same time.

No preservative, no colourant.
Developed by pharmacists.

Actives: green coffee chlorogenic acid, caffeine, carnitine

500 ml

3 .779 Ft

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