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Réka Kelen

As a colourful change to family traditions, Réka Kelen graduated from Corvinus University in Budapest with a degree in International Studies. She then worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for PwC, the international auditor and business consultancy firm, which was determining not only regarding the content of the job, but also a very valuable experience in corporate culture, corporate structure and business organization. She has always been attracted to the international environment, she speaks several languages, and she has traveled around „half the globe”.

„I watched the birth and development of Dr.Kelen through the eyes of a child. As a student I often helped out at weekends, proudly representing the company at events. The family business was a natural part of my life, and I grew up within it. That is why I thought it was important for me to measure myself and expand my knowledge and vision in a completely new area after graduation. I really loved my work, I was surrounded by great people and I had a lot of success, but I knew I couldn’t put off the decision for too long: finally I followed my brother into the company to continue the family inheritance. In addition to the family aspect, what motivated me was being able to hold the results of my efforts in my hands, physically, bringing to life products that can contribute to people’s health and everyday well-being.”

For a few years, Réka worked alongside her mother in the field of sales and marketing, then after the birth of Réka’s second child her mother retired, and she took over the role fully. Her fresh pair of eyes quickly left a mark on the appearance of the products and the image of the company. „Dr.Kelen products represent such an enormous value, that everybody should know about. We get a lot of positive customer feedback every day, but my favourite is still this one for its simplicity: ’It does exactly what it says.’ I think there is real praise inside that. In the past, the high quality of the preparations was not always adequately reflected in their appearance and the company’s communication. My goal is to change that. Everybody deserves to feel the joy of the freedom that comes from good health, and my responsibility is to let everyone know that.”

The indisputable advantage of a family business is absolute trust, with shared values, including constructive criticism and discussions. There’s no competition, just a common goal.”

Réka lives at a high tempo, striving to maintain a healthy balance between family and work, within which sport always finds its place. There is no sport that she hasn’t tried at least once. If family life allows it, she cycles to the office and she never misses her weekly game of soccer.

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