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Sport Warm-Up


warm-up The use of this rub-in gel is recommended to support warm-ups before workouts or before long-lasting physical activities. The use of the specially developed composition allows shorter warm-up time, improves the performance and reduces the risk of any injury. Rub the muscles and joints in to get them into the optimal state and to stimulate the blood- and oxygen supply. The highly favourable effect is intensified with the special herbal-system, containing concentrated herbal extracts. The gel absorbs immediately, the skin is not sticky at all, and it does not leave any spot on the clothing.

Doping-free No fragrance, no colourant.
Developed by pharmacists.

Actives: Juniper oil, Lemon oil, Cinnamon oil, Menthol, Eucalyptus pil, Menthol

175 ml

1 .999 Ft

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