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Fit Push Up


ReForma Bust Firming Lotion A beautiful, firm bust is the symbol of effeminacy. This soft lotion helps to achieve it with the power of natural herbal ingredients. The emulsion, containing bio ingredient deriving from organic farm, helps to sustain the dynamic balance of the skin, stimulates the collagen and elastane fibres. Its caffeine and escine content stimulate the local microcirculation. The moisturizing and revitalizing substances enhance the elasticity of the skin. Use it from the age of 25 as prevention. It is especially recommended after the nursing period, diet or for seniors.

Hypoallergenic, no preservative, no colourant.
Developed by pharmacists.

Actives: bio rosemary extract, herbal hyaluronic acid, centella, horse chestnut extract, lemon seed extract

150 ml

2 .085 Ft

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