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Dr. Ágnes Murányi


Following the family tradition, Dr. Ágnes Murányi also studied pharmacy and obtained her diploma in 1971 from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Semmelweis Medical University. She took her exams as a pharmaceutical technologist and earned her doctorate in 1977. After completing her studies, she worked in a pharmacy and then in the National Institute of Pharmacy. Following that, she worked for many years at Richter Gedeon Pharmaceuticals and, like her husband Dr. András Kelen, played a significant role in the birth of well-known products, such as those under the brand names Fabulon, Fabulissimo and Richtofit. After the liquidation of the cosmetic research and manufacturing division of Richter Gedeon Plc., she and her husband founded Dr.Kelen in 1992.

Her mission was to reach as many people as possible with health-conscious Dr.Kelen products. Thanks to her amazing energy and sometimes superhuman endurance, she was also able to make some of her ideas a reality which others wrote off as impossible. In partnerships she always put the person first and foremost and had sincere and genuine relationships with professional and business partners. While she was always an elegantly dressed and confident partner at the negotiating table and in the company, her family has always been her priority in every situation.

Anyone who knows Dr. Ágnes Murányi (known to everybody as „Aunt Ági”), knows that she truly completed the mission of Dr.Kelen with her outstanding professional knowledge, her amazing temperament and often bold ideas, but with true kindness and a deep love for her fellow human beings.

Today, as a grandmother, she devotes all her free time to her five grandchildren, making sure they are never bored for a second and trying to disseminate in them a commitment to the family business and the pharmaceutical profession. She entrusted her duties in the company to her daughter, Réka Kelen, and her husband, and they have brought a new impetus to the mission of continuing to provide the joy of health to an ever-increasing number of people through Dr.Kelen products.

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