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Dr. Kelen Ákos, PhD

Following the family tradition, Ákos graduated in pharmacy from the Semmelweis Medical University. He began his professional career in the product development department of Richter Gedeon Plc. and meanwhile obtained his PhD. He undertook further vocational training to broaden his horizons and prepare himself to join the family business. He studied industrial property law and obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration.

„Even as a student, the family business was an unavoidable part of my life. Inevitably, the business issues emerged at the dinner table, and before the first formal office, there were several business discussions in the living room of our tower block flat in Kőbánya. I have learned a lot from seeing my parents’ efforts and achievements up close right from the beginning. I saw that creating and developing a company needs serious effort and endurance. As a student, I often helped in the store-house and delivery.”

Thanks to his hard work and expertise, Ákos rose higher and higher up the ladder in Richter Gedeon Pharmaceuticals. „At one point, I reached a crossroads. I had to decide whether to build a career in the pharmaceutical industry or take a role in the realization of the family dream. I chose the latter. I desired freedom and personal development, but of course I knew that with this decision I was irrevocably taking on enormous responsibilities. I knew that I would not simply inherit a position and I will have to climb the ’ladder’ within Dr.Kelen.”

He worked alongside his parents for many years before taking over the guidance of research and development, as well as the management tasks.„I consider the balance of tradition and innovation to be important. I am proud that my parents created a stable company exclusively with their professional skills without significant financial background, guaranteeing the livelihoods of our family and colleagues, while giving people the joy and freedom of health thanks to our products. My mission is to build on the past and develop a well-functioning company structure while continuing to develop products.”

Ákos always finds time to stay active. When the temperature is above zero he rides his bike to the office, when it is below he uses his energy to play ice-hockey, while he goes hiking in all weathers, often accompanied by his wife and three children.

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