Herbal System

Herbal-SystemTM concept


The R&D scientists of HighCosm Ltd. developed the Herbal-SystemTM conception to create a unique theory and practice pure to formulate natural cosmetics. The international team (pharmacists, dermatologists and beauty specialists) based on scientific data, in vitro tests (no animal tests) and practice of many decades elaborated inventive compositions.

- Herbal-SystemTM approach enhances the curative, beneficial effects of the products because the scientifically optimalized compositions of oils and extracts of medical herbs increase each other's healing powers .

- The Herbal-SystemTM products are preservative-free , because the particular compositions of active ingredients and excipients guarantee the microbiological stability.

- The Herbal-SystemTM compositions are fragrance and colourant-free , the special medical herb-systems provide perfect fragrances and appearances. (There is no need to modify the gift of nature.)

The Herbal-SystemTM conception fulfils the high-standard need of well-informed customers, who care for using the least amount of active ingredients, and who want to avoid preservatives, fragrances and colourants in order to take care of health and nature.